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Volant cai & exhaust

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I have a 2004 SE 4x4 BT with uprev. I currently have the Volant gen 2(I think)CAI and the cat back exhaust. Should I swap the exhaust for something else? Like JBA? How about the CAI should I swap to injen or s&b? Looking for the best possible performance.
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I swapped from Volant to an AEM intake, and JBA exhaust. There was enough of a difference in flow in and out that my truck needed retuned afterwards. I would definitely look into a new intake for sure.
Well my brother has the AEM on his T and i went with the volant. I would say i like my volant way better than his AEM. Also when you go with a exhaust that flows to much you loose your bottom end but you gain a little top. Id rather have lowend torque. Also you can do the TB coolent bypass mod cheep and eazy.

2 good options for exhaust that we installed and sold to our customers.

Part# 15848 complete dyno tuned system from Magnaflow, all stainless steel, lifetime warranty. 3.0" pipe and a 4.0" double wall tip. Dyno Sheet

A new one that is more aggressive is the new off road series part# 17110

CAI from Airaid part# 520-152. Dyno Sheet.

Please feel free to call, email or PM me anytime with questions or for pricing.

JDP Motorsports
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