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Volant CAI Noise Reduction Mod

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For all of you out there that say the Volant CAI makes to much noise, i found a way to quiet it down. The lid is to thin and flexes, that is where most of the noise is coming from. All of the performance with out the noise. Now it is a little louder than the stock air box mod. I can tell what the engine is doing now. What i did was cut a piece of 1/8th inch sheet aluminum to match to top of the CAI with a 4" grinder and cut off wheel. I used automotive weatherstrip to seal the new lid to the box. Then drilled out the mounting holes. I used the grinder with a grinding disk to smooth out the edges and to give my lid a brushed effect, the alum. i had was pitted a little so this cleaned it up. Simple but effective. You can also paint, polish or powdercoat if you want. This should work on other styles of CAI's. Update: If it is still to loud install one of the ram air mods. it sounds almost stock.


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Most of the noise is resonance (echo) from the fender cavity. You can take the lid off and still have the resonance, so insulating the lid and padding the mount only makes a slight difference. Insulating the inner fender is the only viable solution, unless you add ram air and close off the fender opening.
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