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Volant LED Tail Lights For Sale

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I have had these on my truck for about a year, got them tinted when I bought them and it started to fade a little. I'm kind of over the tinted look so I just want some stocks. Ill let em go for $220 shipped, local pickup is preferred, I'm in Huntington Beach, CA.

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PM Sent.........
Was it a spray on tint?
ya it was a spray tint I guess.
I could be wrong but don't these lights retail at under $200 new?
Dubbeditup said:
I could be wrong but don't these lights retail at under $200 new?
Tried to bargain, he won't budge!!

And with faded spray tint, he can keep em'!!
Y E S, you are wrong.Try $350 brand new, or $299 at bu rtmanindustries.
These are still for sale, not faded anymore.

$220 shipped.
200 plus stockers isnt a deal IMHO. Good luck with your sell. Hope you get it.
don't need the stockers anymore.
looking for oem offroad skid plate.....
$150 shipped.
What do you mean they're not faded anymore? Have them re-tinted? Post new pics.....$9.37 shipped? :jester:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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