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Replace Perfectly Good Rear on 06 w/e locker With Tru Trac?

  • Yes; Chances are Good that Rear Will Go

    Votes: 8 47.1%
  • No; Rear is bulletproof by 06; Keep the Locker

    Votes: 9 52.9%

VOTE:Should I Replace Rear on Perfectly Good 06 With Tru Trac?

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Hello fellow Titaneer's!

I have been lurking and reading about all the rear end failures on our trucks and it has made me very worried.

I have a VERY EARLY 06 4X4 with the E Locker.

I use the 4WD alot in the winter and I have used the E Locker ONCE. The truck has performed flawlessly so far. I have 23k.

I rely heavily on this truck in the winter so if my chances are good for a blown rear I want to replace it RIGHT NOW with the Tru Trac. I will gladly pay the $$$ for extra peace of mind.

What do you think???
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If you're worried, put a truetrac in!
I have an '04 and used my 4WD quite frequently. No problems.

I did however invest in Truetrac because I have 60,000 and felt that it was preventative maintenance.

I do think your '06 e-lock is just fine though...
I wouldn't say the rear is bullet proof, like in your poll. But I would keep the locker. If you don't need a locker and you want a true limited slip, then I say go for the true trac.
I don't really need a locker and the limited slip would probably serve me better but the main reason I am considering changing the rear is preventative maintenance.
Preventive schmreventive..... The warranty is 5years 60k on the powertrain. Run your stock rear with the E-lock and get any issues replaced by the dealer for free. After your warranty period, go with a Tru-trac and you shouldn't have to worry anymore.
I have a lift so my warranty is likely junk on diff and axle anyway.

This is a dble post but I want to stay on the topic of how the 06 diffs w/elock are compared to the 04-05.

I don't care about spending a few $$$ on the Tru Trac if it will be alot more reliable.
Before this gets too off topic.

I don't care about the warranty.

I don't want to be without my truck for 2 weeks in the Winter while they replace the rear.

I am asking if I will have MUCH BETTER reliability w/Tru Trac over an 06 rear w/locker.
OK this is getting WAAAAY Off Topic.

I'm going to try and bring it back again.

I don't care about the warranty.

I don't want to be without my truck for 2 weeks in the Winter while they replace the rear.

I am asking if I will have MUCH BETTER reliability w/Tru Trac over an 06 rear w/locker.

That is the Topic.

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Just trying to get a straight answer.

The warranty is a non issue for me.

I should have stated that in thread title.

why rush into something? Take what you got with the factory warranty and then when it's up do something else.

A new replacement diff does not take two weeks to get finished, some dealer's have it in stock so it's a day or two.
I want the most reliable diff. price no object.

Are the 06 w/e lockers blowing or was the problem fixed by 06?

diffs have gone from 04-07

I have not read of a 08 going. Sh1t happends and you have to understand that until Nissan finds a permanent fix for it. Who knows if that will happen.

Some have 50k, 60k, and above with no problems. Just keep what you got and see what happends
Contact bestatchess, he had a link to company that will make one for you.
Cost about $4000.00
Make me a rear diff for 4k????

Dealer told me they changed the oil and diff cover in 05 and changed the spider gears on the e lock models for the 06.

So are the 06 owners w/e lock reporting allot of blown diffs.

Install a TT and you'll lose the E-LOCKER. I have the E-LOCKER and have had the rear end replaced. It took 1 day...not the 2 weeks your talking about. The TT is a LSD rear, if you need the locker, it's NOT the same thing. The rear ends, if they do go bad, don't just stop working...they usually just make noise, or in my case....I found metal in the diff oil when I changed it and Nissan agreed to replace it.
If the stock rear needs to be replaced, they order it while you drive the truck, it comes in and they replace it...takes a few hours at best.
So getting back on topic, no, I'd keep the E-LOCKER. It works great!
Quit being a weenie, make your own darn decision and live with it.

If you are so paranoid about the diff, (that so far has shown no problems for you), consider it an upgraded mod like a CAI vs. stock air box; put the TruTrac in, be done with it and move on to the next mod.

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