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Wait for locking diff?

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I live in southern New England where snow and ice are a problem to deal with from late November to late March. I ordered a Titan 4x4 with off-road package and the dealer will be submitting their vehicle order in the first week of February which means an April delivery. I was thinking of asking the dealer to request that my truck be built on or after April 4th so that it will have the rear locking diff. which means a May delivery at the earliest. In either case the snow and ice will be gone and I will have to wait until next winter to try out the truck in a winter wonder land. With that being said...

1. Is the rear locking diff worth the wait of 1-2 more months for delivery?

2. Will the rear locking diff be much of a help in snow and ice?

3. Would the active brake limited slip be adequate without the rear locking diff to propel me through snow and ice?
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Doghouse thank you for your response, I understand that I would not be able to drive around with the locking diff engaged especially when turning corners but I was wondering if the locking diff would be much of a help in situations such as the truck being bogged down in heavy snow such as in my driveway or a parking lot. We don't usually get huge amounts of snow in Massachusetts at one time, but a few snowstorms per year of 6-12 inches can be expected along with about one or two big storms per year of 2-3 feet. The plows do a good job keeping up but getting out of parking lots and my driveway can sometimes be a problem. If anyone has experience with using either the locking diff, a limited slip, or both in snow and ice let me know what your experiences have been and what your opinions are.

This is a great web site, love those Titans!
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