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Wait for locking diff?

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I live in southern New England where snow and ice are a problem to deal with from late November to late March. I ordered a Titan 4x4 with off-road package and the dealer will be submitting their vehicle order in the first week of February which means an April delivery. I was thinking of asking the dealer to request that my truck be built on or after April 4th so that it will have the rear locking diff. which means a May delivery at the earliest. In either case the snow and ice will be gone and I will have to wait until next winter to try out the truck in a winter wonder land. With that being said...

1. Is the rear locking diff worth the wait of 1-2 more months for delivery?

2. Will the rear locking diff be much of a help in snow and ice?

3. Would the active brake limited slip be adequate without the rear locking diff to propel me through snow and ice?
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got_titan said:
hey guys i have been informed on the locking diff that the option will only be able to be activated in 4 wheel low only. no other setting will it activate.
Makes good sense to me!
got_titan said:
hey guys i have been informed on the locking diff that the option will only be able to be activated in 4 wheel low only. no other setting will it activate. and since its electronic it will partially be controlled by the computer. :)
Hmmmmm, wonder if the computer shuts off the ABLS on the rear axle if you are in 4-Lo with the locker engaged, but leaves the front ABLS activated?
SigArms226 said:
As it happens, I just got this email from Nissan today, needless to say I will without a doubt be waiting for the Elock - there are many situations where some wheelspin is required (not on snow and ice, though):

Activating the electronic rear locking differential will deactivate the rear ABLS, however, the front ABLS will continue to remain activated. We apologize for the delayed information and thank you for your interest and patience in this matter.
This is pretty good then for offroad use. Under the worst conditons you will always have power to 3 wheels in 4-Lo. The only thing superior to the factory setup would be to have an e-locker in the front axle also, for hardcore offroad use. :cheers:
Well, after looking at the numerous threads on ABLS VDC and 2WD and 4WD and the e-locker, it is my impression that ABLS and VDC operate somewhat differently depending on whether you are in 2 or 4wd. VDC is a stability control system (and not a traction control system) available only with the tow package in 2WD or 4WD, and will operate only at higher speeds, and in 2WD only. ABLS is a traction control system that operates in 4-Hi and 4-Lo, (and in 2WD???) and utilizes the brakes only to modulate traction (whereas VDC can use both the brakes and throttle to modulate vehicle stability at speed). Engaging the e-locker will disable the ABSL on the rear axle, and leave it engaged on the front axle. Since VDC is presumably not active in 4WD mode, it is not affected by the e-locker.

That's my take on it, and I freely admit that I may be mistaken about some of the features. I just wish Nissan would post a thorough description on their website describing how ABLS, VDC, and the e-locker interact on the 2WD truck, and on the 4WD truck in its 2WD or 4WD mode. That would certainly clear up the confusion.
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