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Wait for locking diff?

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I live in southern New England where snow and ice are a problem to deal with from late November to late March. I ordered a Titan 4x4 with off-road package and the dealer will be submitting their vehicle order in the first week of February which means an April delivery. I was thinking of asking the dealer to request that my truck be built on or after April 4th so that it will have the rear locking diff. which means a May delivery at the earliest. In either case the snow and ice will be gone and I will have to wait until next winter to try out the truck in a winter wonder land. With that being said...

1. Is the rear locking diff worth the wait of 1-2 more months for delivery?

2. Will the rear locking diff be much of a help in snow and ice?

3. Would the active brake limited slip be adequate without the rear locking diff to propel me through snow and ice?
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locking diff

i'd use the locking diff. in hash off road trails needing 4w-Lo to craw out of a steep hole or slippery rock face or mud basin or sand dunes or snow banks; not for any bad (as in "icy" road conditions)
no winch yet so i wenched it

i do not yet have a winch on the Titan (where would i install it on?) so when we got stuck i had a suv (pathfinder) pull and my good wench push the 5200# truck
that helped

she din't want to be in the driver seat..was concerned aobut suddenly backing into the helping suv and crushing it. she hasn't figured out how to tame to throttle gently...yet.
e-lockers in BOTH axles!

can't wait to have e-lockers in BOTH axles for some serious 4 wheelin.

so real off-road mountain trail use may drop the milage to 6 mpg (thats' what i got on th wrangler) :smoke:

i don't craw over big boulders (which can wreck a $32,000 machine real fast) so titan's longer wheelbase won't slow me down, but the titan's fat width might make for some scary manevering on some narrow cliff trails (where i've only seen wranglers abut 70% of times, then the rest were nissan & toyo mini-trucks and min-suvs, hardly ever see a full size pickup)
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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