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Wandering front end, and vibration sound

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Hello, my name is Eddie, and I'm new here. I have a lifted 2010 titan. A few months ago I started noticing a vibration noise when I'm stopping from a fast speed. It happens when I slow to about 35 mph. Now my front end is wandering all the time at any speed. I had my drive shaft replaced this past august due to an accident if that matters. I looked underneath my front end and noticed my driver side inner cv joint boot was torn. It looks like it's been torn for a while. Could a bad cv joint cause these problems? If not, any idea on what it could be? Thanks
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I would get the front of the truck off the ground and start by checking the wheels for any play, up down side to side. If your tires are big you might take them off to get a look at your ball joints and struts. Check your steering rack for any play along with tie rods cv axles etc. I would fix the cv boot while there. Tires out of balance and warped rotors can be culprits too. You may need struts if you're still running stock and have hit any jumps lol
Awesome. I'll check all those. I checked the air in my tires and they were at 65psi. They're supposed to be at 45. The body shop over filled them. I got them all where they need to be, and wah-lah the problems gone, lol. I most definitely do need to get that cv joint done asap though. Thanks for the response.
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