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Want to buy - front lincese plate bracket

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I'm looking for a front licnese plate bracket for a 04 titan with a chrome bumper, and a skid plate. Ive checked local junkyards with no luck. The dealership wants me to fork over $30.00 bucks for one and thats crazy! Any one have one cheap laying around they dont want? I'm moving from PA to MD and need to get one.
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I have one. I'm in PA. Where are you located? You can just have mine if you want it. Or, if you want to pay for shipping, it's yours.
I live in Waynesboro, south central Pa. I'm willing to drive for pick up depending on how far or I'll pay for shipping.
had one and lost it along w/ my front license plate
didnt realize til i found a ticket on my windshield the next day
had to go to dmv to get new plates then went to homedepot and got some nuts and bolts and locking washers
drilled 2 new holes in the license plate
installed it where the bracket used to me
tightened the nuts and bolts down
and tada, that sucker aint going nowhere now
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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