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Installing The Z06 TB With VM Adapter Blind With No Study. OMG! Murky Waters!
I seen on youtube a similar setup but they installed the TB UPSIDE DOWN! YES! so the plug was on the right side. That is a No No ! Instead Of The Air Atomizing Up It Was Down. Back Wards!
So I installed it the correct flow way. fist off the supplied bolts. Well the TB to adapter plate bolts were way to damn short! Lucky I work in a shop and have a bolt bin. After That then to the fun of rewire. Red is ground. I was like WTF LOL. But it is true. The yellow they say is actually the green wire next to the black. MORE fun because alldata SUCKS at looking up the tb wiring. After that war was won then I didnt have any after market CAI. LOL opps and I was stuck 25mi away from home at work. I got 2 spectre 4 to 4 couplers. One I cut down as a filler. the stock intake tube i cut off the area where the tb clamp goes upto the lip. Cut one of the couplers in half and wrapped the stock intake tube and forced all that crap to fit. Needless to say it worked. Now I just need to get Uprev So I dont throw p2119 every random start or so.

What A War!
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