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Warranty Rattles??

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I have an 07 SE KC with only 8k miles on it. There is a rattle coming from the back seat. Do you guys think the dealer might warranty this?
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I would ask them to.
I had a Chevy 2500 that was pretty bad, and they fixed a bunch for me.
I think rattles ARE covered for 12 months, so you should get them taken care of. At least that's the line I was fed by my dealer, who knows if it's true.
most dealers will try and take care of you. Be nice, and they in return will try and correct the rattle. I have an 04, that is the rattle trap!!
They fixed it. It was actually the jack under the rt rear seat. Turns out it was just loose. They tightened the hold down and all better. I feel kinda stupid for not being able to figure that out but oh well.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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