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Warranty service visit

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When installing my new OE fog lights this weekend, I discovered a hydraulic leak in one of the lines going into the lower radiator. Quite a bit of fluid on the line and the adjacent frame. Red in color so assumed either power steering or transmission. I did not investigate it much as I figured with warranty I would let the dealer worry about it.

Took it in today and they reported leak in the transmission cooler line at one of the rubber-steel joints. They had to order in the part.

While there they did two recall items.....replaced fuel sending unit and inspected brake pedal.

Had tires rotated ($18). And local line-x sheared a bolt on a bed tie down clip and the dealer service kindly drilled out the broken bolt, retapped, and installed new screw at gratis.

First service visit and it went very well, including the complimentary shuttle to and from the office.
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Sounds like a good dealer.
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