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Washer Pump Headaches

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Hey Guys, did a search a couldn't find an answer so here it goes. Washer pump worked intermittently for about a year, then finally quit. Bought a new pump/tank assembly and put that in. Plug ins seem to be in good shape. I put brand new fluid in the new tank. Checked the fuses and they are good. Even replaced the washer pump one anyway just in case, still nothing. Hoses seem to be in good shape. There is no spray at all even with the new pump and no noise at the pump at all. Wipers work fine. Confused, and looking for any direction I can get. Thanks in advance.
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The problem might be the switch on the stalk or the spiral cable. If its the spiral cable (in the steering wheel), the problems will only get worse and you will start to have issues with other steering mounted controls (horn, radio controls, etc.). There are good step by step videos on replacing the spiral cable if you want to try that. Many come with new stalks.
Thanks jcb. I will try the stalk first. Will I need to remove the airbag for either of those jobs? I found a stalk on autozone for about $100. Is this reasonable or are there better places to get a deal?
Yes, airbag will have to be removed and steering wheel. It is pretty simple job though. Below is a video where all is explained very well. You may want to buy the whole thing so you can check everything while you have it all apart. If the stalk fixes the problem then you can sell the clockspring back on ebay. There is a pretty good market for Titan clocksprings there. I bought one and sold an extra component for a good price (If the unit comes with the steering angle sensor attached, it is worth good $$$$ alone). If neither the clockspring or stalk fixes your problem, you can just return the unit or sell it.

Here is the whole unit for sale on EBAY
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Do the cheap and easy stuff first.

First.....Check your dash...if the washer dry light is on, you put the sensor in upside down...which won't allow the pump to operate.

Not the problem then..... I'd double check the new pump with 12v across theterminals to see if it's defective. If so, here's an exact replacement for 1/3rd the cost of dealer Windshield Washer Pump ACI/MAXAIR 377150 fits 04-15 Nissan Titan | eBay

The switch and continuity can be checked with a multi-meter without pulling stuff apart with someone in the driver's seat to activate it and the probes on the pump connector in the engine bay..
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Awesome! Thank you both for the advice. Nick name, I bought the whole washer fluid jug with the new pump and sensor already installed so the sensor should be the right way. I will try testing the system. I will post what I figure out after I get it fixed. Appreciate the help, what I wouldn't do without this forum!
OK Guys, it was the lever switch. Got it in the mail this morning and put it in. Works like a charm. About $150 into it. That includes: new switch, new pump, low washer sensor, and washer jug. Thanks again for the help!!!
I ran out of fluid and refilled the reservoir, now I am getting really low pressure. Everything was working fine until it went dry. Could there be a little dirt in the lines? Or is there a filter at the bottom that might be clogged?

I would like to try and avoid replacing the pump.

Thanks in advance!
I ran out of fluid and refilled the reservoir, now I am getting really low pressure. Everything was working fine until it went dry. Could there be a little dirt in the lines? Or is there a filter at the bottom that might be clogged?

I would like to try and avoid replacing the pump.

Thanks in advance!
Both are possible. Running the pump dry could also crap the insides so it's not working right. To trouble'd need to get a length of tubing and some in-line connectors to fit the id of the oem tubing. Then it's a series of cut, activate the pump to gauge the flow and pressure, reconnect, move closer to a nozzle, repeat and so on. If that doesn't locate a clog, then the pump is the issue and would have been noticed right away at the first cut close to the pump. Good have a classic PITA.
Thanks man! Would it be possible to just clear the lines with HP air? I was thinking I?ll just drain the reservoir and disconnect some lines and blow them out with my compressor. Then hook it back up and see what happens. If that (and cleaning out the reservoir) doesn?t work I was just gonna replace the pump.
I would guess that would work but only if you disconnect the tubing from the spray nozzles first. You don't want to force goo and gunk into them and complicate your issue by causing the exact problem you're trying to fix. I'd use something like a bicycle pump and a football air pin rather than high pressure. You could end up rupturing the tubes.
Ok. Thanks for the insight. I?ll let y?all know what I find!

i also had a similar low flow windshield wiper fluid problem with my 2013 titan. the flow reduced further in cold weather to a point where i could barely clean snow and road dirt from the windshield at highway speeds.

the problem was one of the fluid lines was pinched along one of the runs reducing flow. The dealer removed the plastic cowl where the wipers are and fixed the problem. have not had an issue since.
So, after about a year and three months of driving with no functioning windshield washer I had enough. I was considering setting my truck on fire and getting just getting a new one. BUT, cooler head prevailed and I decided to take one last stab at fixing the problem. I replaced the entire system. I ordered a new “fluid assembly” and new spray nozzles from Nissan. Additionally, I ordered a set of universal tubing and parts from Amazon. It is finally working like it should!

I ordered the entire fluid reservoir assembly because the pump motor cost about $130, while the reservoir assembly costs $75 and comes with the pump and low level sensor (go figure). Replacing the lines and nozzles was easy once I had the parts. If I had not wasted money of a crappy pump and spray nozzles I could have had the whole thing fixed for about $120.

Amazon link for the universal parts that fit 07 Titan:
ACI 99300 Windshield Washer Pump
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