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water spots on rims?

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just noticed that i still have some water spots on my chrome rims after cleaning them. what is a good cleaner to use? ive heard not to use windex on chrome rims because this will cause them to peel on the long run. true? ive also used stainless cleaner and polish but still not as good.
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i have black rims that show everything,
i use soapy water, then i dry them off immediatley

seems to work for me..
dry them off as soon as you are done washing the truck like jonny said and it should be good to go. i am not sure what cleaner is good and safe to use on chrome rims since i don't have chrome rims but someone thats has chrome rims might chime in and let ya know.
I've had great success with using a clay bar on the chrome rims...just make sure your bar is clean(scratches) and you use a little soapy water(lubricant) to keep the bar from drying out.....then wax the rims. Also, try using your leaf blower to dry them off quick after washing....leaves no scratches or watermarks.
for polishing needs, I use Mother's chrome polish with a Mother's power ball... shines up nicely and takes no time at all...
Ditto on the mother's chrome polish, although I don't use a powerball, I have always had great success applying it by hand. It's a great product you should give it a try.
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