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way of life!!!!!!!!!

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hey guys just wanted to post this because i thought it was funny

i was sitting here in my office at work when one of the assistants came in to get me to sign off on one of our bills she saw the front page of titan talk and laughed she said omg you love that thing don't you?

she said (humorously) "it's not just a truck it's a way of life"

without smarting off to her i said dang i like that "its not just a truck its a way of life" i said', your dang right it is hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!
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:werd: Niiiice......
and all of the titan owners said amen.
And this one says: Don't buy a Citroen.
This is oh so true.
LOL thats funny...My gf gave me chit for mt tt sticker:upsidedow
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