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WEAK Rear doors handles assembley on KC

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I've had issues with my 06 KC rear doors getting stuck not opening. So I took it apart and it's a plastic piece thats just cracked and some how its not letting the doors open and if you take the turning piece out then they work just fine. I'm curious if anyone has came up with away around this piece or a way to strenghten this piece of plastic under the door handle.
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I had a similar sounding issue on my '04 KC, are you talking about the plastic clip that (almost) stops the ball-clevis thing from sliding out of the actual movement?

It broke on mine too, I have been running a year without it, I was able to twist the cable 120 degrees (doesn't line up right at rest) instead of the short twist direction and then the torsion on the cable is not all directed to that plastic clamp, and the whole thing holds itself together.
Wow, if that doesn't sound confusing...
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