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Weathertech / Manifolds

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The time has come for me. Selling all my aftermarket parts...making ready for new vehicle.

OEM manifolds, good cats, no cracks 35k miles, came off '14 flex, heat shields included. manifolds do have 1 broken bolt on each, they attach the heat shield to manifold; nearest to o2 sensor $400

Weathertech floor mats, in very good condition, for crew cab $150

Items listed obo. Will negotiate shipping via pm. Located in Bluffton SC


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OK, I would love to buy these manifolds but I need to know FOR SURE they are CARB approved. And if I buy them and they are not, there is a money back guarantee upon return of the parts.

What does it mean to be CARB approved?

The California Air Resources Board, also known as CARB or ARB, is the "clean air agency" in the government of California. ... One of CARB's responsibilities is to define vehicle emissions standards.

California Air Resources Board - Wikipedia

Unfortunately, I can tell you that these are CARB compliant. They are OE Nissan manifolds that came off a flex model. I know what CARB approved is, most everything that you can buy new is carb approved, even lawn mowers. I will return no money and offer no guarantee. Once shipped, its yours. There are too many variables that could make your truck fail strict emissions testing out of my control. Good luck with finding replacement parts, there are many options available online, dealership, pick n pull's etc.
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Crap! There goes another one.

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I ain't gone yet!
So what are you replacing the T with? It seems like most have gone the HD route.

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Not sure yet. I had my eyes set on a Honda, but the better half really wants to keep the truck. She used to biiitch about the truck all the time, now she loves it and can't part with it. women....We'll see what happens, but its probably going to be around for a while longer yet.
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