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So I installed my BDGT on my 2012 Pro4X, regular tune, WOT off, performance throttle, then advanced the timing 2*. Ran great. Checked the status in settings and it says "not installed." Can't make the truck run stock again because it says "tune is not installed on vehicle." But you can tell by the way it runs that it is. Next, I Wanted to test it out and try the premium tune, now whenever I install the download and go through the menus for tune, throttle and WOT, it writes the tune, reads the engine and then when I turn the truck off and start it back up I get the error 424 code that says "security error." I called Bully Dog and the support tech said hook my battery to a jumper pack and try it again, mind you I got the battery brand new 2 days before I received the tuner (Tuesday). Didn't change anything. Still got 424 - called them back and they had closed early for a "team building activity." Th truck runs strong, definitely not stock, but the tuner settings still says "not installed" and I have NO CLUE if its the regular tune or if the performance tune stuck. Any ideas? I've googled for hours with no results.
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