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weird issue

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Today i was driving my 04 Titan 4x4 and sitting at the light I lost heat.
Then I noticed the temp gauge climbed as I took off from the light. Then the temp dropped back to normal and the heat came back. This all happened within one minute.
Normally this is a sign of a head gasket.....
Anyone else have this issue?
Any ideas?
No codes pertaining to this. Tho i have 2 codes PO507 and PO455.
These 2 codes I have had for a long time. The first is a High Idle issue. The other is an EVAP leak which I have the new part for this damn solenoid
for the canister. I see they have an updated version now and hope it fixes it.
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Maybe you thermostat got stuck closed. It's a cheap part that might be the culprit.
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