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Weird problem while driving on highway!

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Guys I have a problem I am questioning whether it is a rearend going bad. I will be driving 60-70 mph down the highway and it will just feel like the rear tires lock up for a single second and you feel a jerk. Then it may happen after a minute or so or not for another 10 minutes. Its very irratic when it does happen. Some days it doesnt happen either. But it definetly feels like a transmission / rearend issue.. neone felt this before? I am taking it in this weekend but if it doesnt happen for the dealer there isnt a whole lot I can do ..

ANother question... neone that lives in a cold climate like me... do your feet stay cold even when you have the heat on feet only? Mine sure doesnt seem like it blows hard enough.

THanks for any ideas you have...

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I'm fine with the heater on my feet - actually gets a bit roasty after a while. How old is your truck?
Its an 06 and I cant keep my feet warm seems like it doesnt blow hard enough...
Dakota Titan said:
Its an 06 and I cant keep my feet warm seems like it doesnt blow hard enough...
The heat vents are aimed a little bit too high, and they seem to warm up your shins, and miss your feet. If I am going very far, I set the cruise control, and move my feet back a bit. They will get warmer there, than in front of the pedals.

As for the jerk on the highway...we have those everywhere here. I had one ride in my blind spot all the way in to work this morning. I would speed up, and he would stay right there, so I slowed down, and so did he. I finally left him in the dust. Not sure about your jerk though, unless you are having an issue with your rear differential???
I've never heard of either problem quite frankly. But the jerk sounds like it'd have to be something in the rear end if I hadda guess.
yeah poss.. rear end it could be the brakes 2 you could have a caliper locking up
I've noticed this happening when I've been on paved roads with 4WD engaged. If the road surface is 'sticky', then you will get some drivetrain lash that will feel exactly like that.

By any chance, were you in 4WD?
I was in 4x4 yesterday when it happened 3 different times. But about 4months out of the year I am in 4x4 and never noticed it. Anyone come up with a solution, or at least a diagnostic of the problem?
Check both of your brake calipers on the rear and make sure the seals are good. I had one go bad on the front and it can make your truck do some crazy things. And maybe check the universal joint, just a guess but seems to me if it were bad it could cause some binding...
Check the e brake shoes they might of come unbonded and are just floating around inside the drum. And every once in a while they wedge in and lock up for a second. As far as the heat goes, your mode door motor might be bad or the linkage is out of wack, preventing the door to the feet area from opening all the way.
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