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Hi everyone! I just joined this forum. Currently, I own a '98 Dakota ext cab 4x4. The problem is, I'm outgrowing the Dakota.

Just a little about my experiences in truck hunting: I started with the Hemi Ram Quad cab 4x4 because it was a nice-looking truck and 345 hp sounds impressive. I found that the interior of the truck was a bit outdated, and I was dissappointed when I stepped on the accelerator. I do like the fact that I can get 4 full size doors and a 6.5 ft bed. The problem is, it is a Dodge. My experience with Dodge doesn't work in their favor, so I crossed that one off my list.

Next, I drove the new F-150. This is a great looking truck, inside and out. Also, Fords have been good to me. Ford boasts about the low-end torque on the F-150. Again, I wasn't thrilled with the power. So, between the Ram and the F-150, I probably would have picked the Ford.

Then I drove the Tundra Double Cab because of the reputation Toyota has for reliability. I think the truck is a bit bland, but I could get 4 full size doors and a good-sized bed. I thought I would be even more disappointed by its 240 hp, but actually I was impressed. It seemed as quick, or quicker than either of the two previous trucks. My guess is, this is due to a combination of less weight and the 4.10 gearing. This became my future truck because of the reliability factor and the fact that I could have it supercharged under warranty. Still felt like I would be "settling" though.

I had been waiting all along for the Titan to arrive so I could test it. There was a couple of things, like I wanted a 6.5 ft bed with the 4 full doors, and I liked the body of the Ram and the F-150 better. All I had to do was drive it. This truck performed like I expected the Hemi to. The interior was nice and the exterior was nicer in person than in pictures. I just loved the truck and it is the only one that left me feeling like I wouldn't be settling.

Now, since I'm not quite ready to buy, I thought I would join this forum to see what Titan owners have to say about the truck once they've had it for a while.

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Hey ChuhBaca,
Welcome. I'm not sure I'm the one qualified to welcome you since I'm only a couple of days old to this site myself. I don't yet own a titan, haven't even been lucky enoughto see one in person yet, but hopefully someday soon!
I did want to let you know about some other great forums. I thought this one looked great, and I'm sure in time it will be.
try these:
these next 2 are mostly offroading type sites, but there's bound to be a few titan owners showing up sooner or later!

Can't wait to see some owners talking about their nice new trucks!
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