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Well guys, here she is!

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Huge thanks to lovehammer for doing the leveling kit yesterday.

my first car was a mustang and i had been driving it until i got this truck. i feel like im in a monster truck now after driving that little thing for so long!

Picked her up last weekend. I pulled those crappy chrome hub caps off and like this look better. The new rims will be in later this month. Had the 2.5 leveling kit in front, threw some nitto tera grapplers 295/70/17 on yesterday. Injen CAI and TBI will go on this weekend and exhaust will happen as soon as i can afford it

Not sure if im going to leave the chrome on the grill, it came like that and i havent really decided yet.

thanks for all the input guys!


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Enjoy. The mod'n has begun.:)
didnt take long, got this on SATURDAY and have dropped 2 grand in it
4 yrs & 2 Titans later and I'm still spending the color
Looks clean, Nice work!
Congrats on the truck! Mod bug got you quick!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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