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Well, my impatience as one again prevailed ..

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Well, my impatience has once again prevailed ...

I was getting tired of waiting on my SE KC 4x4 with big tow that I ordered and starting thinking about a LE.

LE appears to be more abundant, and with more options. Since I ordered my SE I have questioned if I should have gotten leather, and if I should have gotten the bed package. Well, the excessive waiting has gotten to me. I talked to my dealer about a LE KC 4x4 with big tow. He has found 3 of them exactly what I'm after. As long as we can agree on price, I could be driving my new titan as early as next week! =)
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I had a lot of your same reasoning.

I've always loved leather, the way it looks, smells, and feels. Leather doesnt stain as easy as cloth.

Seat warmers are just awesome. I wish my cloth seats had them in my current truck. It's not so much that leather needs it, but on a cold day there is something quite wonderfull about heated seats! =)

Bmaez said:
I understand exactly how you feel. I have ordered a SE and it will not be here until MAY and since then I have been thinking of the LE but I convince myself that I made the right choice because.

1. First choice is usually the right choice.

2. Only the front seats have leather, rears are not.

3. Someone on the site already posted punching a hole in the seat.

4. My 13 yr old car now has a hole in the left side bolster in the leather.

5. I can buy step rails.

6. The truck i ordered + dvd is the same as LE w/out DVD

7. Is power passanger seat really needed. How often will it move.

8. Cloth seats dont need warmers.

Again I do want the LE (It sure looks nice) but this is how i convince myself i made the right choice. Good luck to you.
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