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Well, my impatience as one again prevailed ..

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Well, my impatience has once again prevailed ...

I was getting tired of waiting on my SE KC 4x4 with big tow that I ordered and starting thinking about a LE.

LE appears to be more abundant, and with more options. Since I ordered my SE I have questioned if I should have gotten leather, and if I should have gotten the bed package. Well, the excessive waiting has gotten to me. I talked to my dealer about a LE KC 4x4 with big tow. He has found 3 of them exactly what I'm after. As long as we can agree on price, I could be driving my new titan as early as next week! =)
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Deals on DVD's

If you are looking at Trucks with DVD.....You will get a quicker deal. The DVD's are slow to move and most people will blow them out. Not below cost, but certainly they will be tempted to cut to the chase and sell close to invoice.
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