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Went to the track friday night.

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WEll i took my truck to see what it ran friday night, not impressed with the results. I have a racecar if i want to go fast and all but i still thought the truck would be faster since i have beat some low 15sec, high 14 sec cars/trucks on the street.

Now it was 96 degrees and the humidity was up there and i wasnt the only person running slower than normal. My truck has a brute force intake and a flowmaster turndown exhaust.

i dont have the slip on me to post but this is what i ran.

2.35 60ft.
10.2 1/8 mile
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There was another titan CC out there (mine is KC) with a magnaflow catback and intake running 16.0's and he was saying he was wayy off as well. My buddy ran his G35 coupe that should run 13.8-14.0 and it went 14.7 so i guess the weather was that bad. I have a freind with a CC with the same mods i have and he went 14.9, that was in colder weather though.
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What was the elevation you ran at? That is another thing that will greatly affect your times. For example, a 15.50 second run at a 3000" elevation would actually have been a 14.92 @ sea level. Elevation sucks.
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