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Went to the track friday night.

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WEll i took my truck to see what it ran friday night, not impressed with the results. I have a racecar if i want to go fast and all but i still thought the truck would be faster since i have beat some low 15sec, high 14 sec cars/trucks on the street.

Now it was 96 degrees and the humidity was up there and i wasnt the only person running slower than normal. My truck has a brute force intake and a flowmaster turndown exhaust.

i dont have the slip on me to post but this is what i ran.

2.35 60ft.
10.2 1/8 mile
[email protected]

There was another titan CC out there (mine is KC) with a magnaflow catback and intake running 16.0's and he was saying he was wayy off as well. My buddy ran his G35 coupe that should run 13.8-14.0 and it went 14.7 so i guess the weather was that bad. I have a freind with a CC with the same mods i have and he went 14.9, that was in colder weather though.
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Was the track in He!!, Lol. I have the same trouble and when I go to compare slips with other trucks of the same setup at other tracks, it just doesn't add up. I'm hoping for colder weather soon because staging in this heat is no fun.
sirkustoms said:
newbie here but happened to be searching. I bought my 07 Titan LE back in March and happened to take it to the track a couple friday nights ago. I installed an Injen intake back in June and just wanted to see how it compared to the stock rating Car & Driver put on it. My best run out of 4 was a 14.8 at 92mph and it was on a high 80degree evening in Maryland. I guess I should call my truck blessed.
Nice track time but If you want a Real World comparison, race a Hemi with intake, exhaust and tune or a stock Tundra and see how you stack up head to head in identical conditions.
sirkustoms said:
true but i'm normally more concerned with how my vehicles compare to the same vehicles just so that way i can see what mods are worth spending money on that make the bigger difference in a particular vehicle. sometimes the research the manufacturers give isn't always worth listening to.
What are the other Titans running at your track? I would be curious to know if the VVT makes that big a difference. See if you can find out what a non VVT Titan is running the same time you are.
Wildmike said:
I am not so sure about the 2007 with VVT. At our NW dyno meet I dyno'd within 1 HP of an 2007. We have the same mods also. He did have about 6 more TQ. Same exhaust, except his is mandrel bent and mine is crush bend. And we both have 2 degree advance and CAI.

Only difference was he has 4500 miles and I have 20,000 miles.

Could be breakin or mine just runs strong.
I will be curious to see how it all pans out as far as what the 07 VVT is worth at the track compared to a non VVT Titan in the lane next to him.
StuntDriver06 said:
i ran [email protected] in my 4wd 07, with low humidity
Nice run but I wish you would have had a non VVT truck in the lane next to you, lol.
StuntDriver06 said:
yeah, ther was a non vvt dodge diesel in the lane next to me does that count?
Lol, not really. What I am looking for is a vehicle comparison from my track to yours. The reason I want that is because there's a large difference in my track times vs trucks of similar mods at other tracks. I would be able to compare apples to apples then.
The best time I have seen out of an 07 with S&B and JBA as well as the 2 degree advance is 15.40 at my track this time of year.
val said:
papad---i posted my dyno in uprev results---the hp & torq are the same as most---diff is in curve & results @5800---the curve is smooth w/ power @shift points
The best I can figure is that VVT is worth about 3 tenths but I really have no proof of that, fuzzy track math, lol.
crod504 said:
My truck is an 06 if you are talking about the 15.4 but I seriously think our conditions make our track run SLOOOOWW. With the times given wouldn't you say that our conditions lead to about an extra 0.5 secs on the ET's?
Hey, hows it going in Gatorville? Yeah I was talking about you man but I thought you had an 07. As far as the track conditions and weather, I have my suspicions but I don't think I will know for sure until October when the other Titans get Dynoed at the same Time in Old Town. At that point I will know how my HP and TQ numbers stack up with theirs. I just hope there is not too much of a temp/humidity difference that day between Dyno runs.
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