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Westin Platinum SS Step Bars w/Rust Proof Brackets!!!!

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I have for sale some used Westin Platinum Stainless Steel Step Bars that have the mounting brackets coated with Rhino lining so they will never rust. Also, the bottoms and inside of the tube itself are protected. This is a really nice set of step bars and the only reason that they aren't on my truck is that I won a set of step rails and I like the way the step rails look on my smoke ride. These were on my truck for a year and a half and are in excellent shape. All they need is a little polish and you're set. Also, I upgraded the mounting hardware to Grade 8 so this is a real nice setup.

I paid $400 for the step bars and it cost me $200 to get the brackets and bars partially coated. I'm asking $250 local sale (Somerset, PA) or I would be willing to drive halfway to meet. Also, if you are located in NJ or DE I'm willing to go there as I have been known to make a couple drives out there to hang with friends.

You will NOT find a better deal or setup on a set of Westin step bars PERIOD!

Here are a couple of installed pics.

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Nice looking truck :)
Crazypete said:
Nice looking truck :)
That's a grossly old looks even better now.
Bump....still got these.

They need a new home!
I Am Interested.i Live In Ne Phila And Would Like To Know If They Would Fit A 2007 Se Crew Cab?
I know you said local but are you willing to ship to North Carolina?
If They Fit I Will Take Them.
They should fit all CC models as they mount to the truck utilizing three body bolts under the cab.
Check your PM's DOGFISH
DOGFISH wasn't serious.......

Still have these beauties.

These brackets will not rust like all other unprotected brackets. Don't miss out!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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