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Wet carpet - rear passenger

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I haven't dug in yet, but it seems like it would be coming form the rear window.

I did some searching and found - rear window, a possible vent behind passenger seat, and rear third brake light. Anything else I can hunt for?
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I would find the actual source of the leak and fix it correctly.
Where would you look for the leaks?
get the hose out and spray, then search. water flows downhill so keep following the wetness up. Mine leaks where the rear glass meets the cab.
My last truck leaked from the 3rd brake light, i would start there and check the seal
Update - the leak is at the vent behind the back seat.

I haven't had a chance to remove the cowling on the inside for closer inspection. Is there a seal that has gone bad or is this something that will need to be sealed with a silicone or the like?
Was leaking at the vent behind rear seat. Easily detectable with a hose and right hand.
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