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Wet Oakley Seat Covers F/S

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Would there be any interest in my black and grey covers with 4x4 logo? They are for a bench seat. No longer have the titan but still have the covers. They are in decent condition. Will protect your seat great from stains and water. If there is an interest i will post pics tonight. Would not be looking for much. Spent $350 on them in 04
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I'm interested. Pics would be great. I'm in Lancaster too, so a pick-up could be arranged!

Wet Okole's, correct?
alright I'll get more pics up tonight. heres a teaser. I'll get some close ups. they arn't brand new, but they are in good condition. Im in west chester PA

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Alright I took more pics. They are pretty decent condition. Like I said they are used. There is some light spots on the grey areas. Nothing too bad. FYI: They are not made for side airbags. I cleaned and conditioned them regularly. I can give you what left over wet oakey shampoo, conditioner, and UV protectant I have. I was thinking $100 plus ship

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I Will Offer 50-they Look Pretty Beat Up-will The Stains Come Out??let Me Know I Am In Phila
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