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Hey Titans been on this page for months but for some reason just joined. I need help figuring stuff out I am back and forth. I am o8 2wd I am lifting my truck. I am one who likes the front to sit about an inch higher in front not like I have concrete in back but just enough to tell. I am looking at the max trac kit but I was going to make the rear block 3 instead of the 4 and use bilsteins on top perch since I herd spacers aren't good. But some say the 5100 are crap on max as well. Well I seen a Titan today that looked perfect exactly what I imagine for mine like it was from my mind. I looked as I walked by and it had the max trac. Didn't see any coil overs or bilsteins but again didn't stop to long. I looked in rear and seen the white shocks so it made me think this is just the plaine max trac kit. Does anyone know or have pics of Titans with just the factory blocks and spacers?how does it sit and ride? I am looking at a 20x10 -19 rim with 35s. Will they fit? Thx any help will work happy to be apart of forum
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4" lift in the front and stock height back end should be the stance you're looking for. you can do anything with spindles being 2wd. start off with spindles and go up from there basically.

-19 will be tough to fit with 35's, but with some trimming probably doable....PROBABLY.
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