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What do dealers think about mods?

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I have had my Titan for about a year now and love it. I have taken care of some of the basic stuff to dress up the exterior, but now I am looking at some basic performance mods. Stuff like a leveling kit, cold air kit, etc. Has anyone had problems with waranty repairs after doing stuff like this? I don't want to hear that I can't get my brakes fixed because I put in a leveling kit. You guys know how some dealers are. So that's the question, have your dealers been suportive and cooperative about these mods (good looking and performing trucks helps them sell more trucks) or do they see them as an out to send you on your way?
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somewhere on here there's a thread about some law that addresses this issue. i'm not really into any performance mods (yet) so i didn't read the thread and law, but i think it was basically that the dealer can't screw you for modding your rig (within obvious limits). someone else probably remembers the name of the law and can point you to the thread.
I have airbags, level kit, cai, and a few other mods and my dealer has never said anything negative about them. They have seen them on there and have not given me any problems.
So much depends on your relationship with the dealer. I have gotten several things taken care of under warranty claims at my Honda dealer, and I started making mods to the car before it had 1,000 miles on it. :D
The law is called the Magnusson Moss warranty act. Run a google, print it out and leave a copy in your glove box.

BTW, With all the crap that I have done to my vehicles, my dealer doesn't give me any trouble at all. One of the reasons my vehicles are ALL Nissan.
Your lucky, they generally use the excuse of performance mods not to cover work down to your truck by them (Dealer).
Flippin Pips said:
Your lucky, they generally use the excuse of performance mods not to cover work down to your truck by them (Dealer).
The only parts that they won't warranty are the aftermarket parts, for obvious reasons. They sell and install a lot of aftermarket parts there so they know they have to prove the part caused the problem to occur.
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