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What do I need??

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Ok, I have a 2015 Titan pro 4x with a PRG 3.5" lift consisting of PRG UCA's, bilstein shocks front and rear, 5100's and 5125's I believe), and all the other components. I want to jump up to the 6" lift. What do I need and what is the most economical way to do this?
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Bracket lift is what you're looking at. Cheapest way to get there would be with the rough country kit. You've already got good UCAs that'll take care of any clearance issues you would have otherwise run into with coil bucket contact. Only issue you're probably going to run into is with your current 5100s. You may want to ask on here or call Greg at PRG, but they may be too short for a 6 inch lift.. You could always throw them up for sale on here once you've upgraded to the 6 inch bracket lift to try and absorb some of your expenses if that turns out to be the case.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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