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What GPS unit are people using?

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I want to get a GPS for my XE and was wondering what is the best set up. I want it to be permanent. I was thinking about going back to the Dealer as an option but I know that would cost an arm and leg.
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I'm using the one that came in it from the factory. :D I know it's not portable and you can't use it in other cars, but my other cars have their own NAV too, so that's not an issue. And yes, others say it's crap, but it's about the easiest one to use that I've seen and it works for me.

I've heard good things about the Tom Tom and the Garmins. Magellan is junk from what's been posted, for the most part.
I just bought a Garmin 330 on Black Friday for $129 (5am - 11am sale) at my local Wal-Mart. The performance has been outstanding. It's not a permanent install.
magellans junk, takes more then 5 minutes to aquire satelites (ON A SUNNY DAY!). I replaced with a Garmin Nuvi 660. That thing is the t!ts! I always remove it when I park though. No sense in tempting itchy fingers out there.
I've been looking at the Nuvi 77x and the Navigon 7100. The Navigon is really new and they're still working out some kinks for the US maps. Apparently they have been in Europe for years where they have a solid reputation.

Most of the problem with the Navigon go away if you disable all the animation for the menus.
Garmin Nuvi 660. My first one, but i love it. Has all the features that will make me keep it for a while and not need to upgrade.
maddozer said:
I want to get a GPS for my XE and was wondering what is the best set up. I want it to be permanent. I was thinking about going back to the Dealer as an option but I know that would cost an arm and leg.

I think that he said that he wants it to be permanent. By that I assume you mean some double din type. I'm always looking at things in audio shops and we have a new shop here in town (Go Audio) that now carries Alpine. I like the one that they have that you can put portable nav units in so that they display on the bigger screen on your dash. They are a bit costly but still less expensive than some of the Pioneer units. The cool thing about this is that you'll be able to move it from car to car and alos have is as a permanent unit in your main vehicle of choice.

If you are indeed looking just a portable unit you can't go wrong with the Garmin Nuvi. I brought one of these back in March of this year to go to Daytona for bike week and to this date it has been the most accurate and easy to use. While there are other nav units that have a much better looking display I think that this one wins out on getting you where you need to go.
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Really depends on what you want it to do.

Is it a back seat driver for getting you new restaurants, or more like a valuable Sherpa for serious off-roading?

Garmin and TomTom are hands down best for road only use. I have a couple buddies that fly Ultra Lites, and Garmin is the choice there too. Personally though, I have a Magellan Explorist (handheld). It is a lot more versatile because it is portable, and with topo maps options, you can still figure out where you are when you are not on any road. And it doesn't take 5 minutes to locate satellites, more like 1.

Just something to think about.
I am looking at the Garmin C580.
Mio c320, widescreen, will support traffic(available soon), $150 on Black Friday Radio Shack sale. I do really like the widescreen especially for the price.

My first GPS but seems to work very well. Will split screen since it is widescreen showing distance to and upcoming turns, current time, ETA at destination, speed, etc. Haven't had time to play with much..supposed to be wrapped up for Christmas soon :jester:
Garmin all the way. TomTom has horrible customer service, and it takes a couple more steps to get to the main menu once navigating. The garmin you only hit the "menu" button at the bottom middle of the screen. The bluetooth connectivity and speakerphone in the garmin are also superior. Magellan makes a great GPS, just not one to use as a nav computer in your car. Their handhelds are pretty bombproof and some of the least expensive, though their customer service is starting to go downhill too. I make maps for a living, mostly digital, and use GPS darn near everyday I am at work, including about half the year in the field, Garmin makes a great nav computer for driving, have one myself to get us there, then the $12000 mil-spec monster gets unpacked.:gunz:
My truck has Mio C520 and wife's car has Tom Tom Go 910. I got the Tom Tom because it had pre-loaded European Maps. Both the units have Blutooth and lot extras. I like Mio because it is thinner, bigger screen and the blue tooth is better then Tom Tom. Besides that both are pretty similar.
I love the TomTom 910.

I have the factory Nav as well; but hate it...

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I like the new Eclipse HU with the detachable Tom Tom.

It accepts I-pod and USB Hard drives/thumb drives and has some kind of bluetooth hands free mode as well.

it's both permanent and detachable to take withyou as it is integraded part of the HU, but you can remove it for storing it or portability as well.

If only the HU had a few more serious audio features I would pick one up in a heartbeat.
Thanks for all the input, its been very helpful. I will let you guys know what I end up going with.
Check out the Garmin ZUMO line of GPS's. I love my Zumo 550. Use comes with mount to use on motorcycle or a vehicle. Water proof and is bluetooth cabable. Workes great with my cell in the truck and on the motorcycle (Helmet bluetooth intercom).
Demondw3 said:
Garmin c340
ditto..i like it a lot, but the newer nuvi's are sweet too and thiner than the c340
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