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I have owned this Titan since early February 2004. We pointed at it as they backed it off of the truck and said we will take that one.
The last ten years it has seen about 2K miles per year.
Let me tell you. DO NOT let your truck sit. Not good.

Three weeks ago I started replacing everything I neglected for a long time.
New Magnaflow headers and exhaust
Wheels 18x9 with BFG K02
Rotors and ceramic pads all four corners
Oil, ATF, AF, Brake fluid, PS
New belt
2" Lift in the front
2008+ Headlights
Driving lights
LEDs in the cabin
Bilsteins 4600 in the rear
Mag Hytec differential cover - 4.5 quarts of gear oil
Axle breather
Sensor for the AC behind the glove box

Now it sounds great and looks like it should.
I just need to drive it a little bit more.

I am going to Carbon fiber wrap all of the chrome.


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Looks good man!

Best of luck with those Magnaflow headers, unfortunately not the best reputation. Ive heard at best, they last as long as OEM, or 30-80k miles - but hell, at 2k a year, you'll hit that in 2 decades LOL

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If the OEM didn't have the cut which separated the pipe 7 and 8 from the other three on each side, I don't think the manifold would have cracked on my truck.
Clearly my exhaust manifolds on both sides were stress cracks at the weld. Other than that they looked like new. The cats weren't even broke in.
I almost welded the crack and threw them on eBay.

I am OK doing the headers again in ten years... It took four hours to do the left side and two hours to do the right.

I have always loved this truck. Much better than any Dodge I have ever owned.
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