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Most of the tools at HF are "disposable tools" cheap tools with horrible quality control. Cheap metal with cheap castings. You use a HF tool once or twice then throw it away because it completely brakes or no longer works the way it should. Sure you save $ buying the cheap quality HF tool, but do you really want to be working on your T at 9:00 at night and that HF tool brakes on you? Honestly I would invest in a quality torque wrench like Matco, Snap On, etc. With one of those brands, you will have a quality tool that will last forever and can be passed on to your kids. As far as floor jack, I would go with the Discount tire one, mainly because they abuse there floor jacks daily and they hold up. So quality and reliability should be there for your home use.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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