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What Is Yall Opinion On Nitto Mud Grapplers?

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i am think about geting some new tires and was think about them. what do yall think about them,what are the pros and cons of them.

thansk jason
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no one has them?
They are loud!!! I don't have them but know someone that does, I would look into some others but if you can deal with the loudness and also will experience a Judder at lower speeds then get them, they do have an attractive price tag and look sweet.....JMHO

But I would look into the BFG's or maybe TOYO's...........
well i just got a set. they do vibrate a little under about 10mph. I know compared to stock tires they are loud. But its not unbearable loud. Barley notice it with the windows up. So far I really like um haven't been off road with them but they do well on road considering they are a mud tire. I have 33x12.5x18 they want to rub just a hair on the back of the fender wall but that could be due to the extra offset in the wheels I have them on. Over all great looking tire though.


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They're a very aggressive mud tire, is that what you need?
If you think they sound loud and ride rough now, what until they get 1/2 worn!
I have to laugh at guys who run them because they look "tough" but don't need a agressive mud tire.
You're not going to get hi milage out of them either.
The Nittos have got a good reputation here at TT, I run a set of Nitto TG's myself, but if you need a mud tire, they seem real good for that.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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