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What is your dream set up for your Titan?

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i want a 6 inch pro comp lift, 4 inch rear blocks, 17inch black Mojave's wrapped with 35 inch nitto muds, internal roll cage, pre runner bumper, 11 inch tv screen (for the kids) and a ps3:)
what about you?
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What I have planned is too complicated to explain, but one day its going to grace the cover of many truck mags. my dad had a tv and ps2 back in 05 on his first titan. He fabbed a metal bracket for the tv in the back and he had it hooked up to a power converter under the back seat. It was pretty fun. I think I saw the bracket still in the garage the other day lol.

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I pretty much have mine I just need to tweak/add a few things. I wanna change my step bars to nfabs. Then maybe a small spacer on top of my radflos and add prg ucas and then maybe a small block under my deavers. Then headers and then its interior mods sound and visual.

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I want mine fully bagged and dragged. With 4 JL audio W6 bed blow through with Tvs in the head rest. Weld in roll pan, shave door handles and tailgate bib. Key Stone hood. All sitting on color matched silver 24" U2s. Theres much more but those are little things.

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thats a BMF prerunner man:)

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Headers, cams, UpRev, PRG MT w/ extended axles, Deavers, SAWS, 35" Trail Grapplers. MT doesn't make much sense on the east coast, its just that bad a$$.

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F350 running gear
Full built suncoast transmission
Built 5.9 Cummins
High end candy red paint job
22x14 wide chrome rims
10 inch lift on 40s
All lights HID
Strobes front and rear
Big brake kit
Custom katzkin leather interior
Double Din DVD player
Component speakers all around
2 12 inch subs under the back seats
TVs in head rests
All interior and exterior lights LED
Illuminated step panels

ya ive got a pretty big dream list huh....

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Bagged and body dropped laying rockers on 24s. Shaved, two tone black pearl/orange with white pearl and a system that will rattle buildings

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Fabtech Lift (deavers instead of blocks in the rear)
2.5 Radflo Res Coilovers
Radflo Res Rear Shocks
37" BFG KM2
20" BMF Novakanes
AP Racing Brakes
Suncoast Hood
New Smoke Color Paint Job (all chrome painted the same)
RBP color matched top Grille
FabFours Prerunner Front Bumper
FabFours Rear Bumper
Bushwacker Pocketstyle Fender Flares color matched
Amp Research Steps
Anzo Black Headlights and Tailights
Putco Black Third Brake Tailight
LED brake light strip under Tailgate
5% tint
Colormatched Tonneau Cover
9" HID Lights for the bumper
New VK56VD engine with 7 speed auto trans
Nismo Exhaust
Nismo Intake
Stillen SC (if it worked)
Nismo Headers (if they made them)
Berk b-pipes
Trasgo shift kit
4.56 gears
Carolina Blue LEDs everywhere
Leather Interior
Carbon Fiber Dash
4 13.5" JL W7s in a custom fiberglass box
JL Mids and Highs in the doors
JL Amps
And everything that would make this truck get into every magazine

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Prg midtravel kit
robby gordon 20's with black beadlock ring
last but not least a true trac for 08+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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