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What octane fuel to use?

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I don't own a Titan, I own a 2008 Pathfinder V8. I think it's got the same engine as the Titan.

The book isn't exactly clear about what fuel I should use. They use two different measurements in the book, but the numbers are kinda close to one another so I'm not sure what to go by - I live in the US.

I *think* it says I should not use fuel under 91 octane. But does that mean I SHOULD try to use 93? Or that it's perfectly tuned for 91? Or what?

The dealership seems just as clueless as I am. (which is pretty bad..)
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Well that's good to know. My last car had a Northstar V8 and if I didn't run on 93 octane it would ping like crazy. It could have potentially damaged the motor I suppose (pinging, as I understand it, is cause by the piston "shaking" since the lower octane fuel explodes before the piston is at the top of the stroke.)

But if this engine doesn't have issue with 87, that's great.

PS. I notice you have installed the QX56 steering wheel on your rig, how much did that set you back? Just curious. I'd love to have a wood steering wheel again.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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