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I just got this truck for $1,500!

The specs:
2008 Nissan Titan LE King Cab 5.6L 2WD SWB
159,000 miles
Transmission code says: RE5R05A

33inch TUFF AT wheel/tires
2inch spacers
Hole in the exhaust (to make it louder)


When I start it, I can only get the RPM's to around 2,000 and I think that's because it is halfway in gear. When I put it in reverse, nothing happens unless I give it some gas and then it will jolt and start reversing while making this screaming noise. When I put it neutral it still moves forward when I press the gas, and in park it goes until it hits the mechanism that stops it. I think the transmission problems are the thing causing the engine not to go past 2,000 RPMs. When I drive it down the road, it takes awhile to accelerate, but I can get it past 40MPH. If I put the gear selector in 1 or 2 the truck just starts shaking and sounds horrible. I think 4th and 5th gear work. The transmission fluid is full and clear red.

So, does it sound like the transmission needs to be replaced?

What would y'all recommend used or new?

I am thinking about getting this transmission on eBay, but i'm not sure if the column/floor shift locations matter? (My truck has the shifter on the center console not on the steering wheel, so I assume that means floor)

Basically, should I replace the transmission, and if so, used or new? If used, does the floor/column shift location thing matter?

I really don't want to spend too much on getting this thing fixed. I was quoted $4,000 for rebuilding. I was also quoted $365 for removing and installing a transmission if I provide the transmission.

Right now, my plan is to buy the used transmission on eBay and have the shop install it. That would come to around $1,300.

What do y'all think?
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