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What type of Performance Products

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I have been doing some research on the Titan and looking for performance engine accessories. I have only seen a handfull of air intakes and exhaust systems. I have not been able to find a programmer. Does anyone make a programmer for these truck or do they have to be custom tunned.

Also does anyone make a turbo or blower for these trucks?

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go to and they have tuning software, and stillen and vortech make superchargers.
if ya wanna be fast just copy my mods, ive spent nearly 12,000 so far figuring out what does and dont work on this truck and surely i can save people money if they just cut to the chase and copy my mods.. you can easily run high 13's n/a with cams, uprev, and headers and you would be faster than any superchaged titan has been in the 1/4 mile..
hey tomany do you have a sound clip of your truck?
yea u can hear it in this video pretty good it shows my truck idling after installing the jim wolf cams..

right after 100 mile break in period

some driving around..

some racing last weekend at the track.. adding cams netted me 4.5mph gain in trap speed that is purely phenominal if you ask me.. just need a higher 3400 rpm stall converter which should help me slingshot off the line harder to get to my powerband faster since the powerband shifted like 600 rpms higher after installing cams..
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I just bought and 08 Pro4x CC. I dont want to go super fast. But when I put a lift and bigger tires I want it to still maintain. Dont want to loose power.
On my FX4 Supercew I had a frameboost CAI, Edge Programmer, 33x12.50 Procomps on procomps. But I want to make this truck a little more special.

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