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What was your 1st mod?

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To go with that, which is your favorite and what would you have done first knowing what you know now?
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Exhaust... I think its a good starting point for many to come.....
I put a topper on - does that count? :) 2* timing advance in the future.
1st mod: Brute Force CAI

Favorite mod: 2" leveling kit
first mod was access lorado tannueau cover put on 1 week after I bought truck.
First: Sylvania Silverstar Ultra's
Favorite: 2+ Timing Advance
First: DIY Air box Mod (I still have it)
Favorite so far: SAWs w/ PRG UCAs and DR rears
First Mod: AEM Brute Fore CAI
2nd Mod: 2* Advance
Next: JBA Cat Back Exhaust
First: Stainless Steel Lund Bugflector

Favorite: Tech12volt sub box, sub & amp!!! :rockon:
A green apple air freshner and the air box mod...oh ya the leveling kit the dealership threw in when I bought the truck.

On the way to me in the mail is a JBA Evol exhaust system and Injen CAI
1st Mod: Tinted front windows
Fav so far: Painted black oem wheels

No performance mods or suspension so far but we'll see what 08 brings. :D
First was the Pace Edwards electric bed cover, and I also have to say that is is the most useful. I would still be my first.
1st, Vent visors on the way home from buying the truck, I like to crack the window but hate water rolling in when in rains or snows.

Favorite, PRG leveling kit, the new stance just looks so much better.
luvbelly said:
Favorite, PRG leveling kit, the new stance just looks so much better.

it sure does, can't stand the way a raked truck looks!
first: pioneer avic-n3
second: t-rex one piece billet grille
third: radflo 2.0 set to 3.5" of lift
fourth: dr rears
fifth: terra grapplers

favorite: modding my driveway with the titan two years ago...:gunz:
Bought my 04 with 4pc. billet grill, flowmaster 40 muffler, armada chin spoiler.
First apperance: Tinted Windows, first thing i do to all my vehicles.
First performance: Volant CAI, if i would do it again a good Cat-Back Exhaust.
P's Titan said:
PRG Level'd

and still would be first if I started again
Ditto to this. PRG Mini Lift. Dollar for dollar the best money I spent on my truck so far.
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