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what wheels are best for snowy climates??

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hey all, i need some sweet wheels. my budget is pushing me towards an aluminum wheel, but i'm afraid of rust. Idaho is snowy like 5 months a year. what do you recommend? thanks!!
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Stockers for the winter and bling for the summer.
AF-Medic said:
Stockers for the winter and bling for the summer.
yeah, in a perfect world i'd do that. but my situation won't really permit that.

ya think aluminum wheels would last ok if i took care of 'em & waxed 'em & stuff?
Yea, I do. I see folks running them up here for our 8 mos of snow. Got to keep em clean and free of salt
My two cents worth is that I prefer aluminum wheels. Ideally, get something you can clean easily. I mean one that does not have slots or crevices smaller than your finger. Then you can just wipe them down every few months when you wash your truck and they will look good for a very long time.

I have had bad luck with steel wheels. If they stay wet for 6 months straight, they start to rust under the chrome/paint at the edges.
The alums hold up better in some ways than the steels, because steels start to rust badly...aluminum not so much. i run alloys for snows every year with no problem at all
Here is a picture of my aluminum wheels. Keep in mind that these were NOT ran during winter months.

The before shot shows what they looked like at the end of last summer, which was the second summer in which I've ran these wheels. They had been hand polished 5 times prior to that before picture. Note that the neighbors cat pissed on them several times.

The after shot shows what they looked like after I spent approximately 1.5 hours polishing on that single wheel alone.

If you are the type that doesn't like to clean and polish things, I'd strongly NOT recommend a polished aluminum wheel. It will require more elbow grease than the average person cares to put into cleaning them.

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I put Al wheels on my wife's SE-R a few years back just for the winters and they are wearing great with just a quick layer of clear-coat.
I run my chrome stockers in the summer and charcoal stockers with siped snowtires in the winter. I tried running the chrome in the winter and they started to get pitted very quickly. I picked up the charcoal stockers from a member here for cheap.
...bump :D
never run chrome or polished wheels in the ruins the finish
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