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Legally, the only way they can truly VOID a warrenty is for extensive modifcations to the entire vehicle including engine.

Now they can deny claims on things like the computer, intake system, and exhaust system if you have modified them.

But alot of sneaky scum bag managers will try and talk you out of the replacement process. They will try and hassle you and say your warrenty is voided because of such and such, blah blah blah. But its a bogus act in a feble attempt to avoid working on your ride.

Now if you show up to the dealer with a full modded engine like a set of cams, ported heads and expect them to cover engine damage you got another thing coming your way. But if you have an exhaust/intake/programmer and the engine shoots a rods out the side of the block, they will honor that warrenty after you threaten legal action when they try and make you pay for it.
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