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What Would Cause This?

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I recently purchased a 2014 Titan that came with what appears to be a Rough Country 3" lift up front and a shackle rear lift. One thing I didn't notice right away but am noticing now is that the bed of the truck sits at an angle where the rear side appears to be tipped upwards. When I measure the gap between the bed and the cab, the bottom of the gap towards the ground is 1 3/8" and the top of the gap is 5/8". I've had multiple people look at this including the Nissan dealership and no one really knows what's going on. The frame doesn't appear to be bent, but I'm wondering what else would cause the bed to be slanted like that. It looks like the prior owner could have potentially backed into something that lifted the bed up, but again I have no idea how it would do that without bending the frame. Any thoughts?
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A bent frame is always possible. It may be that there has been some collision damage that has been repaired. If the box doesn't show any signs of repair work, then maybe it was replaced as a unit and the frame or mounts never completely dealt with?

If you look under the bad, you can get a look at some of the mounting points. The box mounts to some rails that run perpendicular to the frame. They are strong, but made from thinner metal. You may be able to see signs of deformity on those if you have a look down their length with a light. You can see at lest two of them in the wheel well area.

Another possibility is that the frame or box mount was bent by something like the truck being overloaded. A lot of folks tend to think their half ton can carry anything that fits in the box. The most common thing I see is a half ton carrying a box full of soil, gravel, bricks, etc.. things that are going to be well over capacity for a truck of this size.

Not sure if any of this helps, but may give you a couple of things to look at.
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Just re-read your post... I'm sure what you suspect could lead to that as well, but I think you might see other signs such as replaced/repaired rear bumper, tail gate not fitting/closing properly.

have you checked your box to see if it's square? measure corner to corner, on a diagonal (front left to rear right then front right to rear left), on the inner corners. Both measurements should be the same. I would check this at the top of the bed rails and at the bottom of the box as well.
The ones I can see on mine are all sitting flat against the frame.. I'll try and remember to grab a photo tomorrow in the light so we know we're talking about the same thing. Great looking truck btw
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