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What Would Cause This?

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I recently purchased a 2014 Titan that came with what appears to be a Rough Country 3" lift up front and a shackle rear lift. One thing I didn't notice right away but am noticing now is that the bed of the truck sits at an angle where the rear side appears to be tipped upwards. When I measure the gap between the bed and the cab, the bottom of the gap towards the ground is 1 3/8" and the top of the gap is 5/8". I've had multiple people look at this including the Nissan dealership and no one really knows what's going on. The frame doesn't appear to be bent, but I'm wondering what else would cause the bed to be slanted like that. It looks like the prior owner could have potentially backed into something that lifted the bed up, but again I have no idea how it would do that without bending the frame. Any thoughts?
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Here's a picture of it where you can kind of see what I'm talking about.


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Thanks for the ideas daver...I measured the box on top and bottom and it appears to be square. The bed rails all look to be fine, but I did notice that the bed rails that run from the wheel well aren't even resting on the frame. Is that normal? It looks like the rear rails aren't resting on the frame either.
Snap some pics of the underneath, where the mounts are. Could be somebody did a homebrew body lift and it's not straight. Or could be a bent frame. Have a body shop you trust check that.

While I'm commenting, I like your wheels. Care to share what brand/size they are? And what size tires are you running? Looks good.
I actually have the truck at a body shop now to check the frame. We'll see what they find.

Unfortunately I can't tell you what those wheels are. Ironically enough those wheels were on the truck and part of the deal I swung with them was to swap the wheels and tires off of my old Titan and put them on the new one. I really didn't want mud tires on my truck, which is what the truck had. They were some off name brand too, so I figured they weren't going to be worth much. The tires on there were 35x12.5x18's. I put my Nitto Terra Grapplers on there which are 325x65x18.

I need to get updated pics of the rig with my wheels and tires on them. I'll also work on getting pictures of the mounts when I get the truck back.
As far as the wheels go, I looked at them and didn't recognize the name. I don't think they were a major name. I can also tell you that they wouldn't fit on the truck without wheel spacers.

Got the truck back last night and the frame is, indeed, bent. Nothing major as it's fixable but it definitely sucks since I just bought it. I'm working with the dealership I got it from to see what they will do. Might be returning it if they'll allow for it...
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