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Whats my truck worth?

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im trying to sell my Titan. its a 2005 No fear edition with 131K miles. Fuel formula wheels 20x10s, has brand new toyo open country RTs 35x12.50r20s. banks exhaust with borla muffler. full leather interior heated seats etc etc.. Radflo 2.5 coilovers about 6 months old, bilsteins in the rear that are less than a a year old. Rear sway bar

i have it up at $12,000 but dont know if thats too much or too low. or just right.

LMK what you guys think, its hard for me to put a number on it as i just replaced so many pieces. control arms,brakes,coilovers, ABS parts,misc bearings etc etc etc..


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I sold my 06 XE just a month or so ago for 10,500 I had it listed at 12k. It ran great and had around 4k in aftermarket parts. I'm pretty sure if I would have parted the truck out and returned it back to stock I would have been lucky to get 6 or 7. If someone really wants it and likes the look then they will buy it as is.

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