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I cant get an answer from any website for a upgraded camshaft now that I have the money to do it. It has been a while since I posted but I am a 11 year long owner of a 2007. I am trying to find some step up cams and soon a supercharger system for the 07+ now that I finally have a few bucks. I currently run a ls7 tb with airraid ring restictor deleted, tuner uprev, e3 plugs ( yes the best hp kick of all i tested) .True Trac with 411 i think ring and pinion, its been a while lol even some used perf cams and even a used s/c with no issues I am looking for. I wanted to get this cookie to 700hp a long time ago.........

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I don鈥檛 know what cam options you have other than Jim Wolf. If they鈥檙e not responding, just be patient and keep trying. There鈥檚 no telling what someone鈥檚 life is like right now with COVID.
And before you get anywhere close to your 700hp goal, you鈥檒l need a beefier transmission. I鈥檇 personally jump straight to a fully built one rather than upgrading yours bit by bit. I like IPT myself but there are several options out there.
If $ is not an issue, you could buy a turn-key VK56/SD from Preformance Racing for around $15k, they run 500-750hp N/A
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