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Whats the Deal on GEARS?

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Its been really quiet lately on the subject of aftermarket gears? Any news?
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I have the modification shop that will be doing my trutrac and b/t gear install checking, he said he would get back to me by the end of the week. Either way I have the install scheduled for next weds.
Welp looks like it will be just the 3.36 big tow gears for me. He couldn't find anyone who had anything after market.
Hope you don't mind me asking, how much are they charging to install the trutrac?
Was going to be $200 for the trutrac, $250 for the trutrac and ring and pinion with me providing all the bearings and such. This is a known place that does rear -ends all the time for the big trucks in the area. My normal mechanic recommended them.
Anyone heard anything?
bighitter said:
Welp looks like it will be just the 3.36 big tow gears for me. He couldn't find anyone who had anything after market.
so your putting the big tow gears in or the tru track
Oh I thought he was talking about Gears of War :domo:
Putting both in! It is at the shop now, I can pick it up tomorrow morning, ended up being $235 to install trutrac and big tow.
Has anyone heard any news on gears? Not stock gears but after market gears.
I was 4x4 parts today and they said there may be something by the end of the year but heard nothing more than that. The guy doing my swap also looked and was unable to find anything.
some one needs to step up to the plate and get some gears made already. Ill be the first to buy them.
Got my axle regeared!!!!!

I have seen 2 threads where people have said they had there axle regeared. The
thread below is the only one I know of that provides any details about how it was done

Got my axle regeared!!!!!

I have also heard a rumor that our axle shafts with sensors and all can be pressed onto a dana 60 axle...
i Found they holy grale. Their is a place in sun valley that will mach you stock stuff to get any dana 44 gears to fit with your stock set up. They have already done a bunc of titans and my truck goes in next week for som 3.73
hey peeps i,m new to this site but the talk of gears really sparked my drool glands. sorry to just bud in like this. i have a 08 titan le 4x4 long bed w/ 8" lift, 20 10 monster rims wraped in 36 15.50 20 mick thompsons atz's, ram air hood,cai, magna flow duel in and out exhs, so on and so on bla bla bla anyway i am jonesing for some 456 gears for the beast. do you think this is something the guy from sun valley can do. by the way i dumped a f250 monster truck for this titan and have not looked back yet.
they should be able to do it but that sounds a little hi. I have 37" toyos and im only getting 3.73
well the guy that does that does all my lifts and such says i have a final gear ratio of 410 and says i should go to a 456 the micks that i have measure 37" tall what do you think about this
ok so i talked to the parts guy at nissan he says that the truck i have 5 speed w/ toe pack. comes w/ a 3.36-1 gear ratio that is the same as a 4speed auto w/a 4.10 so i called my lift dude he tells me that from 3.36 to 3.73 that is only 1 revolution that will give you about 400 rpms. from 3.36 to 4.11 that would be 2 revolutions at about 800 rpms, 4.56 would be 3 revolutions for about 1200 rpms when i bought the truck new at 70 mph i was at 2000 rpms he says anywhere between 2000 and2200 rpms is a good place to be. after the lift i lost about 800 rpms so i am trying to get back about 1000 that should put me somewhere between a 4.11 and 4.56 i want this truck to howl. hell i might be nuts, all i know is what people are telling me. HELP!!!!
greg from prg has 4.10s in his titan and he can spin the 37s right off the rims. The only problem with that is that he gets ****ty gas milage on the freeway. my Suggestion and what im going to be installing the 3.73 option
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