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whats up fellas!

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just joined this website and i was wondering if anyone has any advise on which alarm system i should get for my truck??? i was just broken into yesterday and i was looking to buy an alarm system for my truck..any recommendations?

i also need a new keyhole cylinder, any clue where i can get one?
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how'd they break in? keyhole-- door or steering column?

what part of TX are you located?
yes..i like it when people pot their location in the profile (it shows in the left

and their Truck specs in their sig

it makes things easier to understand
we are thinking you have an XE
and they broke in the door lock right?

you can get an alarm that has keyless entry like the SE and LE do and use door handles that cover the door lock
like suggested in this thread

i may do that just for looks
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oh $hit maybe i should get mine changed to a covered one. is it common for them to break in that way with titans?
Welcome and sorry about your misfortune.
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