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Wheel Bearings or Tire Noise

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I have an 04 Titan LE, 110k on it. Once I hit 40 mph all the way upto 55 mph I have a lid humming noise, it doesn't change if I drive straight or turn, just constant between those speeds. I'm figuring it's my tires, I have cooper ATPs with about 30k on them, as the tread is wearing I'm getting more road Noise. Anyone experience this, and what did you find. Front and rear diff have fresh oil, no axle seal leaks. All suspension is sound and new.
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I have the same noise. When I was running mastercraft axt the noise ranges was around urs 40-55 and I could actually feel it in the floor board and it bugged the piss out of me. Now that I switched to nitto grappler m/t I now hear the noise and feel it around 5-40 mph over 40 it smooths out. The slower the speed the louder it is. I've had the truck looked at 2 times figuring it was a bad bearing somewhere I even had it taken to a driveline specialist who put it on a lift and drove it and told me all he hears is tire noise and if it got worse bring it back. Since then I have pulled front drive shaft and cv axles to rule out the front diff and had both wheel bearing replaced in the front. New universal joints, I'll even put it in neutral and let it coast but the noise is still there in that range. I've just came to except it a tire noise and until something breaks I'm gonna drive the **** out of it!

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